Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Why not?

We get comments...
"You are SO brave to bring your day care to the store!"
"You have your hands full!"
"You brought the zoo!"

And the questions...
"Which ones are yours?" I kind of hate that question...the answer is: All of them
"Can't you have kids?" As far as I know, we can. Although, it is an odd question. 
Hey lady, is your uterus performing correctly? Are your ovaries releasing eggs? How's that cervix holding up? Seriously, it's weird. 

My favorite: "Why adoption?"  
It is kind of a loaded question.
I can answer with religiosity. "God told us to." Which would be true.
I could answer with excitement. "It is fun!" Which would be true, too. Mostly. 
I could lie..."It is just so easy!" Which is just never a good idea...even though it makes me sound like supermom. lie. lie. lie.

And while this particular why-adoption-question sometimes stumps me. And catches me off guard, I still love it. Because it opens the door to have another adoption discussion. The discussion where I shamelessly, furiously, urgently, try to explain domestic and foreign adoption. Where I try and convince someone else to foster and/or adopt...or support someone who is adopting or fostering...or do respite or become a social worker, counselor, baby sitter, Safe Family, lawyer, mentor, get the idea. 

So, WHY adoption? 

Because of sweet girls...

and funny boys

To get a piggy-back ride from a  big brother....

and then threaten said big brother with explosive flatulence.

 And then follow through...

All the while I am calling out "Don't put him down! I want to get a picture!" 

Because life is precious. 

Because we all should have someone to swing with...

To have someone to look up to. 

For friendship.

For family.

Answer this...
Why NOT adoption?

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  1. Christy I love your blogs! They are just so amazing. I can appreciate this blog cause as you know I am adopted. I too hope to adopt kids one day.

  2. This is such a sweet post! You have so much to be thankful for! I love reading about your family! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. I. Love. This.
    We get so many of the same questions, and I love being able to have those conversations too!! May God continue to bless your family, this Thanksgiving Day and and EVERY day!!

  4. Amazing post and love the photos too!

  5. An absolutely BEAUTIFUL post. Kudos, mama.

  6. Just starting the journey to adopt through the state after being blessed with one beautiful adoption and one that was destroyed after perfect year of bliss with our princess
    Thanks for the light hearted affirmation that we definitely can answer WHY NOT!

    1. Tiffany,
      Amazing! I love to hear about stories of adoption. Prayers for you in the daughter that is no more and prayers for the daughters that will come.

  7. I love this! And those pictures are adorable!